Amelia Harrison
Amelia Harrison is a 7th grade Journalism student here at Dana Middle School. She proudly attended Point Fermin Elementary school for all 6 years.

Amelia said that she wanted to join Journalism because,"I enjoy writing stories and being able to put facts together and information.” She also says that English is her favorite subject because she enjoys reading and writing.

Outside of school she plays volleyball, surfs, draws, and likes watching Netflix when she has the time. When asked what sport she enjoys the most she says volleyball, soccer, and waterpolo. She doesn't plays soccer or water polo but she enjoys watching. But, she plays volleyball competitively and once her team won a championship.

Her favorite book is Wonder because, "It's very detailed and it shares his life and the problems he's facing.” But, her favorite book genre is horror because it's always interesting.

When asked if she could go anywhere in the world, she says Croatia because it's so beautiful. But she also says, "Africa because it's just so fascinating. And I've always wanted to go there. Also my fifth grade teacher Ms.Lloyd went to Ethiopia and gave me a postcard from there.”

Amelia Harrison, Senior Staff Writer

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