America Juarez
America Juarez is a 7th grade student on the SAS program here at Dana Middle School. She is a new staff member who will contribute her ideas, opinions, and writing style to our school newspaper, The Dana Mariner. America decided to join journalism because of her passion for writing. Before America came to Dana, she attended Cabrillo Elementary.

During her free time, America enjoys watching Korean dramas on the television, listening to her tunes, and reading manonga, which is Japanese comic books. Her favorite things to write about is the music she listens to and her personal opinions. Her favorite type of music is Korean pop because, “I don’t understand it, but that makes me want to learn more about their culture.” It may sound strange, but that is a very interesting way to learn something unfamiliar. After all, Korean culture is very interesting to learn about.

In the future, America sees herself as being a lawyer. She plans to go to law school for a couple of years and once she has graduated, she wants to start her early career as a lawyer. One of America’s achievements are as stated, “I’ve gotten honor roll, so that’s one of the greatest achievements that I personally think I have.” For America’s first year being a writer on The Dana Mariner, she will be a very dedicated writer who hopes into having a good year here at Dana.   

America Juarez, Staff Writer

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