Ana Rondeau
Ana Rondeau is a seventh grader here at Dana Middle School and this is her first year in Journalism. She went to Park Western Elementary School and was in the magnet program there for six years. Ana wants to be a dental hygienist when she gets older.

She found her interest in writing because her dad was an English teacher. Ana picked journalism as her elective because she enjoys to write, “I chose journalism to be my elective because I thought it would be cool to write in The Dana Mariner.”

In the future, Ana wants to attend the Olguin campus of San Pedro High School. Her favorite books to read are fantasy and sci-fi.

Ana enjoys to do many things in her free time. “I like to play beach volleyball, I like to draw, I like to sew, I like to sleep, and sometimes I like to just do random stuff.” She is a fan of writing about how technology is evolving and environmental issues. Ana is looking forward to publishing articles in The Dana Mariner and to write about her favorite topics in the future.

Ana Rondeau, Staff Writer

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