Anna Elliott
Anna Nicole Elliott is a 8th grade student at Dana Middle School. She has hobbies of reading, drawing, and volleyball and describes herself as whimsical, courageous, and easily annoyed. 

Anna's favorite articles to read are politics and reviews on places such as shops and restaurants. She already enjoys journalism class and she says this when asked he favorite thing about Journalism, “My favorite thing is like getting to know my surroundings, because with Journalism I can actually be more involved with stuff and not get yelled at by my mom.”

Anna's favorite memory is when, "I went to Florida, I went to it for a cheer competition we ended up getting first place out of 60 teams." Anna wants her first job to be babysitting and is actually getting her babysitting license soon. Her favorite animal is a lion because it’s fierce and protective of its pack.

 Anna’s favorite sport is softball and she used to play it for about 8 years. When asked what she would do with three wishes Anna says “I would end droughts and starvation, I’d bring world peace, and have a different president.”

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

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