Anthony Ponton
Anthony Ponton, a 6th grader at Dana Middle School and journalist for The Dana Mariner, has lived in San Pedro most of his life. He says, “I like how it’s(San Pedro's)not that big but at the same time it’s interesting and there’s always something to do.”

Anthony went to elementary school at 7th Street Elementary School. He says,”I liked how small, compact, and quiet it was.” Now that he is at Dana, he states,”I like how it’s big, but at the same time it feels small,” and,” I like how I keep finding new things.”

Before joining the journalism class, ”I once wrote for the Scholastic News…and at my elementary school there’s a group called Best Friends where you write about stuff and I took part in that.” His favorite writing subject is adventure fiction, but when he writes about nonfiction, he likes to write about history and current events.

His favorite subject is history and says,”I like my history teacher Mr.Boysen.” On the other hand, his favorite teacher of all time is Ms. Benavidez, a 6th grade English and the Journalism teacher. In addition, he says he likes her teaching methods and organization.

His interests don’t end in school, though. He also enjoys going to the YMCA where he used to go to the kids room when he was little, but now he exercises. As far as movies go, he has an interest in futuristic stories such as Back to the Future. He also enjoys reading books such as the Percy Jackson series, which he hasn’t finished it yet, and playing baseball at Bogdanovich.

Looking forward, he wants to go to San Pedro High School because he lives close to it and it is close to Dana. Career wise, he currently wants to be a writer, but he recognizes that his views may change in the future.

Anthony Ponton, Staff Writer

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