Anthony Sereno
Anthony Sereno is a 7th grade STEAM student at Dana Middle School. He is new to The Dana Mariner and can't wait to start writing articles. Anthony lives in San Pedro and before coming to Dana he went to South Shores Elementary School. Even though he has never been in a writing class he is excited to write about sports

His favorite activity to do in school is P.E. because he says “ Probably… P.E. because I like to be outdoors and not in a classroom.” Even though Anthony loves to play sports, he also likes to read books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Shaken by Tim Tebow.

Outside of school he likes to watch the Angels, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Rams. He loves sports, and even plays some of the sports he watches such as baseball, football, and basketball. Some of his favorite sports athletes are Mike Trout, Koby Bryant, Tod Gurly, and Aaron Donald. 

Anthony Sereno, Staff Writer

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