Arianna Cau
Arianna Cau is a 7th grader here at Dana M.S. Her particular interest for reading and writing in The Dana Mariner would have to be politics and reviews. She plans on going to college, but isn’t sure of where she might be going, but she knows her major would be in art such as animation or science.

       Some of her favorite things to do are sleeping, browsing the internet, watching Netflix, and playing with her dog! Arianna is also a bookworm and a card player. She really likes pastels, peacock blue, lilac, and last but not least periwinkle. She’s very independent and stubborn it’s some of her favorite things about herself!

Some random facts are her favorite food is Pone de du, an Italian food. The drink she most likes is orange flavored drinks (she likes any kind as long as it’s orange), and her favorite candy is a type of chocolate called a Toblerone. Ari is a Harry Potter fan and is sorted into the Ravenclaw house! Her favorite types of books are fantasy, “I like fantasy most because it’s very whimsical!”

Arianna Cau, Opinions Editor

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