Aytana Martinez
Aytana Martinez is an 8th grader in the STEAM Magnet program at Dana middle School. Aytana has one sister that goes to Dana. Aytana’s hobbies are to horseback ride, watch Grey's Anatomy, play soccer, and she loves to read. Her favorite books are fiction and realistic fiction. Her favorite LA team is the LA Dodgers and she plays soccer for AYSO. 

Aytana likes to travel a lot. In 2013 she went to Canada, Vancouver and described it as “I travel to a lot of places (...) I been to Canada, Vancouver it's so clean, there is no gum on and no trash on the floor, nothing.” Aytana has also traveled to New York. Aytana’s favorite food is Asian food as she said “I love Asian food. It's my absolute favorite.” She doesn't like Italian food that much but somehow she like pizza which is Italian food.

When Aytana is stressed out she likes to go outside and calm herself. Aytana said “I picked Journalism because I love writing about news and I like reporting about stuff that is happening in the world.” She has been in journalism for 2 years now.

Aytana Martinez, Editor-In-Chief

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