Eeva Sogliuzzo
Eeva Sogliuzzo is a journalism student here at Dana Middle School. Before Eeva came to Dana she went to Crestwood from Kindergarten to 3rd grade, but for the rest of her elementary school time she attended Taper elementary school. When asked what her favorite subjects in school she responded with, “English, because it lets you be original.” Eeva says that she joined journalism because, “Mrs.Benavidez {The Journalism Teacher} came to me and Eliana in first period and offered us a spot and I said yes because I thought it could be a cool experience.” When outside of school she likes to relax and watch Netflix and Grey's Anatomy to wind down after a tiring day at school. Eeva says that she loves to eat granola bars and she loves how they are sweet, healthy, and convenient but the cons of the granola bars are that they get a bit messy. Eeva says she loves Zac Efron. Her goals for this school year are to get all A’s in her classes. In the future, she plans on going to San Pedro High School, the main campus, and for college she would like to attend USC. She says that her dream job would be to work in law but she’s not sure what kind.

Eeva Sogliuzzo, Staff Writer

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