Eliana Flores
Eliana Flores, one of the many 7th grade students at Dana Middle School and one of the 25 students in Journalism is a second year Journalism student. Before Dana Middle School, she went to Taper Elementary School. She would like to attend San Pedro High School unless she moves to Arizona. She loves to read and write, ”I chose Journalism because I love to write and I love to express my emotions.”

She is the only child in her family. She also has a dog. She said that her dog is her sibling and she loves her dog very much. On the other hand, her favorite animal is a pot belly pig. Her favorite food is Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a delicious Korean Dish. Eliana also loves to eat Sushi. She loves to write about Arts and Entertainment or Fun Stuff. 

Eliana Flores, A&E Editor

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