Emerson Marquez
Emerson Marquez is an 8th grader at Dana Middle School and has been in Journalism for 2 years. He went to Point Fermin Marine Science Elementary School for 6 years. When Emerson gets older he wants to move to Iceland. Emerson describes, “I always wanted to move to Iceland when I’m older.” He has also considered working at the aquarium as a  marine biologist.

Emerson used to play soccer for 3 years, baseball for 2 years, and 1 year of beach volleyball throughout his life. Emerson’s favorite class is math because in 7th grade, his teacher taught him many things and math just started to click with him. Emerson loves reading and has read tons of books but his favorite in Unwind which is a 5 part series. In 6th and 7th grade he made the Millionaires Club and read over 5 million words. Emerson hopes to attend to the Marine Biology School at Olguin Campus. Emerson explains why he wants to go to that school, “I just wanted wanted to work at the aquarium and be a marine biologist so I thought that going to that school might help me achieve that.”

Emerson Marquez, Opinions Editor

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