Emery Jovel
Emery Jovel is a 7th grade Journalism student attending Dana Middle School. Before she came  to Dana Middle school she attended Point Fermin Elementary. In her free time, Emery enjoys writing books, reading books and most of all spending time with her family.

    Emery chose to become a journalist because, “I wanted to let people know how I looked at the world.” She said she wanted a have a voice. Emery also joined because she felt like it would make her a stronger writer.

    When it comes to writing, Emery says she loves to write fictional stories. When asked, what the difficult element/factor about writing, she stated, "I think the most difficult part about writing is getting your thought down, like your head is just swirling with ways to begin a sentence or paragraph." When she is distracted and can't focus she likes to listen to music. Calm music, specifically.

     Emery would like to attend Cornell, Harvard or Stanford University. She still has not decided what major she would like to join, but she says she is looking into the liberal arts. When Emery grows up she would like to be a lawyer and an author, “That way when I retire I could just focus on writing books.’’

   When asked, what is your greatest achievement, she says, “I think my greatest achievement was when I got future leader of San Pedro.” She said she would like to continue to get straight A's and most importantly, to make her father proud.



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