Isabella Terzoli
Isabella Terzoli is a seventh grader at Dana Middle School. She used to live in Torrance but now lives in San Pedro. Isabella has 2 sisters and 4 dogs.  She says that her baby sister inspires her because of how happy she always is.

Isabella’s favorite thing about Dana Middle School is the Reading Counts program. She also considers her favorite subject to be English because of all of the reading and writing. So far, her favorite teacher at Dana is Ms. Benavidez. “She would push you to do your best," she says.

When she isn’t at school or writing articles for Journalism, Isabella enjoys reading and drawing mostly patterns and abstract art. Considering Isabella likes creating art, she would describe herself as a creative person and “nicer than her sister, because people have told me that. If Isabella could choose any one superpower she would want to be able to turn invisible.

In the future, Isabella would like to be a veterinarian because she enjoys caring for animals. Her two favorite animals are dogs and tigers.

When it comes to writing Isabella likes writing fiction or fantasy, and enjoys reading it as well! One of her reading achievements is being a reading millionaire and she plans to achieve that again this year.

Isabella Terzoli, Social Media Manager

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