Joaquin Rogan
Joaquin Rogan is your average 7th grader here at Dana Middle School, he gets straight A’s and loves sports (everything except volleyball), and is a huge UCLA fan. But when he takes a break from getting perfect grades you can find him searching the web, reading the “Maze Runner”( his favorite book) or rolling down the hill near his house.   Joaquin can also be found watching “The Office” (his favorite show). When it comes to movies “Star Wars” and “Jason Bourne” are at the top of his list.  When asked about why he likes them he explains “My dad introduced them to me , and it just kind of stuck”. When it comes to dislikes he is equally as passionate, since his dislikes consists of Mcdonald's and USC. When asked about his future, he doesn’t jump a beat, and explains how he wants to be able to go to the Naval Military Academy since his dad, the one who gave him the idea, was unable to go himself. After serving he hopes to be an entrepreneur and later go into politics. In fact, Joaquin is currently working on a website for a company, “It’s to help me get seed money for future projects” he explains. Joaquin describes himself as humble, athletic and curious, and states that his friends would agree with that statement. When asked what he would change about the universe he said he would want people to be able to achieve anything they put their mind to. Even if that goal is to find a blue unicorn and discover Harry Potter exists.  

Joaquin Rogan, Sports Editor

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