Kaitlyn Bolling
Kaitlyn Bolling is a Journalism student here at Dana Middle school Honor Roll Program. Kaitlyn is currently in 8th grade. She attended Barton Hill for 7 years before attending the SAS program here at Dana Middle School. Kaitlyn joined Journalism because she "wanted to express her feelings in a writing way." Kaitlyn's current hobbies are reading and watching Netflix.

Kaitlyn plans to attend San Pedro High School and eventually go to UCLA for college. Her dream job is to be a chef. Her life has been good so far, her favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy and her favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.

Kaitlyn loves to read this book called The Two Princess of Baamar. She loves to write biographies and teen fiction and about the environment.


Kaitlyn Bolling, Staff Writer

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