Kelly Yoshimura
Kelly Yoshimura is a Journalism student here at Dana Middle School. Before Kelly came to Dana, she used to attend Crestwood Elementary.

Kelly says that she made a lot of good friends in Journalism last year. Kelly enjoys reading, writing, and singing in her free time. She chose journalism as her elective because she had a lot of fun last year and she feels like the atmosphere was really cool and like positive.

When asked who her favorite teacher was, Kelly answered, “Well, she was a first grade teacher at Crestwood. She was really cool. Her name was Ms. Rankey. She was like so cool because she [Ms. Rankey] like had this currency system and like at the end of the day we would buy stuff, like buy food and whatever. And it was great because I love food.”

Kelly says that her favorite type of music is,”Anything really, as long as it’s like, something meaningful and something I can connect to on an emotional level.”

When asked what her favorite childhood memory is, Kelly says, “Going to Mexico and celebrating my birthday there because my aunt organizes huge country club things over there.”

In about 15 years in the future, Kelly sees herself traveling to other places and maybe as a teacher.

If Kelly could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Greece. She says,”[I would go to] Greece. Not just because I’m a Percy Jackson fan. Yeah, Greece would be cool because, there’s just so much culture and like, the beaches are beautiful. It’s just a wonderful thing.”

Kelly Yoshimura, Editor-In-Chief

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