Maria Seiple
Maria Seiple is a journalist here at the Dana Mariner. She has lived in San Pedro for most of her life. But she lived in Pennsylvania for a little bit. Her after school hobbies are robotics at the Dana robotics team, drama, and Maria likes to read, a lot. “Emerson you're going down! I'm going to be top reader!” says Maria Seiple enthusiastically, as Emerson walks by. Being top reader is one of her goals this year.

But one odd thing that she likes are artichokes. Yes, artichokes. She loves cooking them and eating them. “I love artichokes, I eat one everyday after school.” Now that's a something you don’t see everyday.

Maria went to 3 different schools before she went to Dana. Maria went to Point Fermin for kindergarten. Then she went to a school called March school for 2 years in Pennsylvania, and then finished elementary at South Shores.

Maria’s favorite music is pop music, beut she also like classic rock like the Beatles and Chuck Berry. But Maria also like musical music, specifically Hamilton, “Especially the song wait for it.”

Some of Maria's accomplishments are that she was student body president in 5th grade.  "I got the lead in a big play at South Shores which was a big deal because it was a Performing Arts Magnet," said Maria.  She was also future leader of San Pedro  and she was awarded a tech Trek scholarship this last year. That will create quite the resume!

But Maria's goals for this school year are to get straight A’s so she can get into a Cams or Harbor Teacher Prep. And to make top reader as mentioned before. Now, what are her goals for the Dana Mariner? What does she want to write?  She said she wants to write a lot of review articles. “To write a good review article you have to not just be nice you also want to  be able to say this was good but you got to point out the goods and bad. Usually the goods should over shadow the bad. And review should not just say what it is.”

When Maria is older, she’d like to go to UC Berkeley and follow in her dad’s footsteps. But Stanford and MIT are other choices too. She wants to become either a aerospace engineer or a material scientist that works for NASA. When she’s older older she would like to pursue politics. Now that sounds pretty cool!

Maria Seiple, A&E Editor

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