Mireya Berrios
Mireya is currently an 8th grader here at Dana. She was born in Torrance and this is her second year in Journalism. One of the reasons why she joined Journalism is because she thinks writing is fun. Skills she thinks that can benefit her in this elective is her good memory and her passion for writing. When asked what her favorite subject is she'll most likely tell you English or P. E. 

A little more information about Mireya is that her plans for the future is to go to either University of Puerto Rico or Stanford. She also would like to work as a counselor or a psychologist. Her hobbies include “napping, eating, and scrolling through her Pinterest feed.” Friends and family also think Mireya has lots of passion in her writing. For example, she states, " I think everyone should write because it can make you feel better about yourself and you will always find something to write about." 

Mireya Berrios, News Editor

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