Nikko Doughty
Nikko Doughty is a 7th grader and Sports Editor for The Dana Mariner. Nikko grew up here in San Pedro and has been here his whole life, first attending White Point Elementary and then moving on to Dana. Nikko especially likes to draw and cook. In one word, Nikko would describe himself as helpful, and outside of school you can probably catch Nikko taking a nap or eating something especially delicious, something that might actually be cooked by him.

Nikko loves to write and he hopes to improve and grow in his writing this year. “I like English because I like to write, and create stories.” says Nikko. With English being his favorite subject, Nikko thinks that he will greatly enjoy his time in this classroom and he is eager to write about topics relating to entertainment such as TV Shows, Movies, and new books. “My fav thing about writing is… being able to express my creativity.” says Nikko. In 10 years Nikko sees himself in college to further his career and working a small side job. Nikko is happy that he has had the opportunity to write for The Dana Mariner.

Nikko Doughty, Sports Editor

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