Sydney Delgado
Sydney Delgado is currently a 7th grader here at Dana Middle School. She currently knows bits and pieces of a lot of languages, such as Spanish, Korean, and Tagalog. Over the years, Sydney has done a lot of things, including stuff she would like to erase from her life. For example she says that her least favorite memory is her falling on a bus during a school dance.

Sydney’s favorite music genre is K-Pop and her favorite band is (G)-Idle. One of her hobbies is actually as she says “is just to play my music really loud and then, just think about life.” One of her other hobbies is writing and Sydney says when she writes, she writes quick and likes to get it done within an hour. Sydney's favorite color is an pale pink because if she were to dye her hair, she would want it to be pink.

When Sydney grows up she wants to be a writer who writes novels and teen stories. She enjoys writing news articles and she says because she “(want to write) articles that people should know about, like, topics I feel people should know about.” Sydney actually chose Journalism for her interest in writing and spreading out an message, “I chose Journalism because I have an interest in writing and I feel like it’s one of my best hobbies that I enjoy doing.”

Sydney Delgado, Staff Writer

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