Vios Lopez
Vios Lopez is a 7th grade student here at Dana Middle school. Before he came to Dana, he went to Point Fermin Elementary school. Vios’ hobbies include playing video games, swimming and running.

When asked what his favorite subject is, he says, “My favorite subject is PE because almost all the teachers are nice to me.” In the future, Vios would like to be a rocket scientist when he’s older. “I want to be a rocket scientist when I grow up because I used to be in Dana robotics and then Mr. Nesbitt left,” he says. He also swims at the Hey Rookie pool on weekdays after school.

Vios’ favorite genre of books are action and Greek mythology, his favorite book being Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Vios also loves to travel and says, “I’ve went to Albuquerque, New Mexico and every summer I go to Morro Bay for camping and almost every winter I go to Mexico to visit some family.”

Vios Lopez, Staff Writer

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