Zuri Hay
Zuri Hay is a 7th grader here at Dana Middle School. She has attended Dana since 6th grade and says, “It’s been a good experience, and hard, and boring.” She wants to go to San Pedro High and UCLA so she can graduate with a degree in writing or become a teacher. In her free time, she likes to read and come up with stories.

She looks up to her parents because they are hard workers. “well, my dad because he’s a hard worker and my mom like, takes care of everything.” She loves her mom and dad very much!

Zuri went to South Shores Elementary and never let anyone bullied her. She was born in Torrance and moved to San Pedro when she was a baby. She wants to be a writer or teacher later on in the future and if not, wants to work for a business like Google.

In the next ten years she sees herself with a great degree and a good job, and hopefully not eating ramen noodles. She is so happy to be going to Dana and likes it very much. She can’t wait to go to high school and college and really wants to be a writer so she can make a great story. She is also so excited to start publishing for the Dana Mariner!

Zuri Hay, Staff Writer

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