Nikko Doughty
Nikko Doughty is an 8th grade News Editor for the Dana Mariner. Nikko attended Whitepoint Elementary and he hopes to eventually attend college UCLA to become a restaurant owner.

Nikko’s believes his biggest accomplishment is getting into the millionaire club at Dana. He explains that, “Hard work is the key to success.”  His favorite hobbies include writing, cooking, and reading. I asked him why he choose to join Journalism, his response was, “I chose to join journalism for an elective because I really like to write. I like creating stories and just informing other people about the latest news.” 

Niko wants to own a five star Italian restaurant when he grows up. One word that Niko would use to describe himself is "independent." He also believes that by being funny and having a good sense of humor, people can accomplish a lot. 

Nikko Doughty , News Editor

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Nikko Doughty