Adrian Ojeda was born and raised in San Pedro, California. He as of late, lives in Wilmington, California . His current position at the dana mariner is editor in chief His interests include herpetology, Minecraft, and the American government. He aspires to climb up the corporate ladder from senior staff writer to A&E editor at the Dana Mariner. He also dreams of joining the US navy or being a Fortnite streamer on YouTube. His favorite TV series is Ash vs Evil Dead. He says he enjoys it due to it nod to and humorous nature. His favorite color is blue because of it’s energetic nature and it makes him feel energetic.He also plans on going to san pedro Olguin Campus next year. 


     He enjoys visiting skateparks in his spare time and practice his skating; A hobby he recently took up due to the fact he has so many friends that also skate. His plans after his high school graduation are to join the navy for 3 to 4 years then he plans on joining a branch of U.S government. Most likely the FBI. Adrian's favorite topics to write about are mostly technology and entertainment. Mainly because he does tend to be very interested in entertainment news such as YouTube and keeping up with the latest video games and technology like his anthem mini review. For Adrian's kindergarten 1st and 2nd grade years he went to bandini elementary school. After 2nd grade he quickly moved to point fermin for his 3rd 4th and 5th grade years. 

     Adrian, for most of his academic career has been able to keep his grades up to almost as high as they possibly can. But while in 4th grade he hit a rough patch due to him not fully understanding the material. Fortunately he got the help he needed with tutoring and continued his streak of Mainly A's and B's. In his spare time when he's not playing video games or reading up on the latest video games he enjoys watching comedy and commentary channels on YouTube such as twomad or Pyrocynical. 

Adrian Ojeda, Senior Staff Writer

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Adrian Ojeda