Denis Mardesich
Denis Mardesich is a current 8th grade student at Dana Middle School and this will be his third year being a part of the Dana Mariner. As of this year, Denis is Journalism’s new Art and Entertainment Editor which suits him since he likes to write about the topic.

Denis chose Journalism because he’s always liked to write and Journalism gave him the opportunity to do it more often. 

Denis is very passionate in music, he says, “Some of my favorite things are music and writing, the one thing I like doing is finding new music from different artists and genres.” His favorite artist Phil Elverum also known for his music project with The Microphones and Mount Eerie.

When asked about his other hobbies, Denis replied, "Some of my other hobbies include skateboarding."

When asked about what his ideas for his future career, he replied by saying, "In the future, I'd like to do something that could possibly include music management, like working for a record label or something that could include writing, I'm not sure yet."



Denis Mardesich, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Denis Mardesich