Sydney Delgado
Sydney Delgado is an 8th grader at Richard Henry Dana Middle School, she is a senior staff writer for the journalism class and also was the designer for last year's journalism t-shirts. Before attending Dana, she went to Leland Street Elementary School for the entirety of her elementary school education. She is originally from Long Beach, but she lives in San Pedro currently. This is her second year in the Journalism class, where she is excited to write about her favorite topics, A&E and Opinions, where she is able to talk about and share her interests through the newspaper outlet. “I joined journalism because I have a passion for writing,” she says.  

In school, her favorite subject is English because she likes to write. “I like to write because it makes me feel better,” Sydney explains.

 Although Sydney does like writing, it isn’t her main plan for her future. In fact, when she grows up, she plans on fostering animals, “My goal is to save as many animals as possible because it’s sad that there are so many neglected animals,” She states. However, animals isn’t all she is passionate about. She also likes to draw because she has been doing it for nearly her whole life. During her free time she enjoys continuing her passion for drawing and participating in her hobby of playing Roblox. Sydney is an overall dedicated writer and looks forward to a great year in journalism.

Sydney Delgado, Creative Director

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Sydney Delgado