Tanner Wymore
Tanner Wymore is a current 8th grade STEAM student here at Dana Middle School and a senior staff member of The Dana Mariner. He went to Crestwood for elementary school and grew up in San Pedro.  

Tanner looks up to people such as Kobe Bryant and a famous skateboarder Nyjah. He likes Kobe because “He is the best basketball player and plays for the best LA team.” Regarding Nyjah, Tanner says, “I love skateboarding and I want to be just like him.” When Tanner isn’t doing schoolwork, he is usually skateboarding, playing basketball, or working on picking the perfect outfit. 

According to Tanner, his greatest achievement so far is how artistic he has become. He said, “It took me a really long time to become good at art and it was just because I wanted to be better than my friends.” When he is older he wants to be a musician just like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. 

Tanner Wymore, Senior Staff Writer

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Tanner Wymore