Taya Olson
Taya Olson is a 7th Grade Student at Dana Middle School and a Staff Writer on the Dana Mariner. Taya attended WhitePoint Elementary before Dana. In the future, Taya wants to go to UCLA to study fire safety or be an EMT. 

Some of Taya’s favorite activities are reading and cooking. Her favorite book is Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. She used to play soccer and now does Auxiliary at Dana. Her favorite movie is The Hate U Give is because it’s “very Inspirational.’

Something she wants to do is successfully cook Ratatouille, she even said: “I’ve cooked it like a gazillion times and it does not taste as good as I want it to be.” She also really wants to skydive after seeing people do it on the internet and while doing stuff outside. Another thing she wants to do is go on the news for helping people in stuff related to fire safety. 

If she had the chance to meet anyone dead or alive it would be her great Grandma because she has heard great things about her. If she could go anywhere in the world it would be the Philippines because her mom was born there and there are lots of great sights there.

Taya is looking forward to journalism because she loves to write about things she thinks is import and wants to inform people about.


Taya Olson, Social Media Manager

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Taya Olson